Temporary lodging for Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

What to do with a museum minus the building? After closing the museum’s temporary location in Post CS, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam was looking for a way to maintain contact with the public until the completion of their new building. This ‘black box’ is a mobile portacabin full of surprises. The closed wooden structure can open out on the spot into a welcoming, bright venue with all of the extras, from a projection screen to a bar. An expandable mirror and shiny interior of stainless steel and glass reflect the surroundings, automatically connecting the museum with the environment.

After five years of loyal service for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the portacabin will soon debut in Eindhoven as a stage at Strijp S.

Client: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Year: 2008
Production: Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe
Project number: 08.016