Facts & Figures

  • Product design
  • 3 collections
  • Recycled glass, wool, ceramic
  • Production: Craftsmen from Guatemala
  • 2011 - 2015

Cantel, Momo, Toto

‘Made in Guatemala’ for Imperfect Design

Dutch Design with an exotic twist. This product range is made in Guatemala for a fair price, using local materials. The glassware features different shades of recycled glass, there is a series of turned earthenware pots, as well as a collection of woven and embroidered pillows and blankets. All are handmade by local craftsmen using traditional techniques based on a Dutch concept. In this way, characteristic Guatemalan products are given a new look and find their way into western stores.

Client: Imperfect Design
Year: 2011 - 2015
Material: Recycled glass, wool, earthenware
Production: Guatemalan craftsmen
Brand: Imperfect Design
Project number: 11.001-IMP, 13.012-IMP, 14.007-IMP, 15.010-IMP