New Nature Knowledge Center

Municipality of Lelystad


New Land. With New Nature. No country in the world has more knowledge and experience in this than the Netherlands. Or rather: Province of Flevoland. From far and wide, researchers come here to gain knowledge. The Municipality of Lelystad, as capital of New Nature, has therefore taken up the ambition to develop a place where this knowledge from the past can be shared and knowledge in the future can be developed. A place where experimentation, science, education and experience come together. A unique, visitable place on a national and international level.

We are proud of our latest strategic design assignment to help Lelystad reach a clear vision. The coming months will see many interviews, research, conversations and visits to develop a solid vision. We have therefore expanded our team with Elke den Ouden and Rianne Valkenburg from Eindhoven University of Technology to help us get the job done.