Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Family Lab: Interior and workshop area

The Family Lab and workshop area in the new Stedelijk Museum are completely in tune with their purpose. The upper area of the Family Lab, designed for ‘working’, is modern and white, with functional products such as paper rolls and craft cupboards. On the way down, the surroundings get increasingly colourful and the furnishings get softer and warmer. Down in the Lab all is ablast with red. In this playful interior you can chill out on comfortable cushions, make films or listen to music.
The workshop area also features tailored functional design such as rolls of felt that transform steps into comfortable seating in an instant and panels with a clever system for hanging just about anything on to the wall.

Client: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Year: 2012
Architect new section: Benthem Crouwel
Project number: 12.004-SMA