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What if... your workspace were next door?

Mobility from the human perspective: livability is key

Mobility is a necessity, not a goal. To get the care you need, get to work or seek relaxation. In 2020, the pandemic confronted us with a new world: we see that shutting down mobility has a major positive impact on the environment and the livability of cities. This time offers an excellent opportunity to go back to the drawing board to contemplate livable forms of mobility. It makes it possible to correct the design error of the last century, in which the automobile was central to urban planning, and make mobility an essential link for livability.

What if livability is central to the design of mobility? What if mobility improves well-being and connectivity? And what if the purpose of mobility is to reduce transport movements?

In collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat and World Design Embassies, the Embassy Lab: Work from Home was launched. Hybrid work (part home and part office) has accelerated to become the new normal for many people because of Corona. For far from everyone, however, the home is a suitable workplace. How can we facilitate this?


The benefits for users of the Third Office concept




  • Efficient interpretation of hybrid working
  • More motivated and loyal staff
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Lower housing costs
  • Smaller vehicle fleet
  • Reduced CO2 commuting emissions
  • Exchange hidden vacancies
  • Work environment suitable for work
  • Safe working environment
  • Close to home, less travel time
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Flexible working day
  • Less stress
  • Choice of secondary facilities
    such as grocery delivery and
    child care in the neighborhood
  • Different environment
  • Budget from employer
  • New audiences and customers
  • Multidisciplinary uses
  • Reuse of vacancy
  • Increased liveliness
  • Connection with the environment
  • Opportunities for cooperation
  • Filling in at quiet moments 










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