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  • Started in 2018
  • Client: NBTC Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions
  • Inspiration map 
  • Ongoing

Design new tourism

Inspiration map for The Netherlands

Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe designed the inspiration map for The Netherlands in response to their contribution to the vision document 'Perspectief Bestemming Nederland 2030'. The inspiration map consists of 30 ideas to implement tourism in a different way, from a different way of thinking.

Five social challanges

Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe developed the inspiration map based on the principle of using tourism as a tool to tackle social challenges. By wanting to spread tourism and allow every Dutch person to benefit, the inspiration map looks at how tourism can be a means to tackle these from 5 social challenges.

- Rural vitality
- Redesignation of vacant properties
- Future-proof nature
- Sustainable accessibility
- Liveability of residents

Tourism is not the goal itself, but a means. The design world can make a major contribution to the sustainable development of destinations through Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a method used to solve (complex) problems. The focus is on the people by always defining problems from human needs. Solution directions are determined, after which you immediately make a prototype and test the solution in practice.

For each of the five social challenges, Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe developed six ideas in which solutions are found in a different way and tourism is used as a tool.



In 2017, there were 761,000 jobs in the tourism sector in The Netherlands. This is more than one in thirteen jobs (CBS, 2018). This makes tourism one of the largest employers in our country. - NBTC

"Tourism is a means of making an explicit contribution to solutions for larger social issues that serve the general interest (welfare and prosperity) of The Netherlands. The goal of this vision: future-proof development of The Netherlands, in which visits contribute to the prosperity and well-being of all Dutch people. " Perspectief Bestemming Nederland 2030 | NBTC

Valuable tourism

"The current political and policy focus on tourism is disproportionate to its great economic and social significance. Governments are currently still focusing too one-sidedly on the economic benefits of tourism, while they should also consider the increasing opportunities and negative consequences for the living environment and society. " - Valuable Tourism | RLI

The council for the living environment and infrastructure published the document 'Valuable Tourism' in September 2019. A document in which it is established that a change of perspective is necessary in tourism policy. It talks about steering tourism to the balance between the economy, society and the living environment. The relationship between "tourist pressure" and "support of the living environment" has been analyzed and clarified in the visualization below.

Assessment of the effects of tourism on the living environment and society

Visualization from 'Valuable Tourism' published by RLI

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