Trespa 2nd Life
Conversation piece for the Next Material House (Nemho) Weert, The Netherlands



Innovation is at the core of the close cooperation between Trespa, Arpa, Westag, Formica and Homapal to ensure their relevance, even decades from now. This requires substantial investment in an ongoing development of R&D capabilities and continuous improvement in operations. Talents play an important role by challenging the current way of working and implementing new solutions.

Trespa asked us to design a conversation piece for this new location. High-quality materials are given a second life. The result is a durable piece of furniture with a flexible identity. A colourful mix is ​​created by the availability of existing material. The design sparks ideas and insights about the reuse of high-quality material with lifelong quality. Is a second life sufficient or should a third and fourth life also be considered?

Sustainability is an important part of Trespa's strategy. For many years, Trespa has invested a lot of energy in monitoring and improving environmental performance. Trespa is now launching the Trespa 2nd Life program to no longer dispose of facade panels as waste after use, but to reuse them as a building block for new applications.