Facts & Figures

  • Kantoorgebouwwerkplekken
    • vergaderruimten
    • ontvangstruimten
    • bedrijfsrestaurant
    • design zet aan tot dialoog
    • selectie 35 talenten
    • 1500 m2


Interior of Zuid-Nederland HQ



As the main sponsor of Dutch Design Week, ABN Amro rose to the challenge to create a platform for young talent. Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe got 35 new designers involved in the interior design of the bank’s headquarters in Eindhoven. New design combined with proven products and materials brings a radical new approach to the work environment. The standard corporate banking style has made way for something totally different: a unique and inspiring environment where unconventional features stimulate interaction and dialogue.


“Thinking and doing things differently” - Rob Almering, Regional Director ABN AMRO Zuid-Nederland

Client: ABN AMRO
Year: 2012
Project number: 12.003-ABN