Golden Dirt

Tea set for Idea on the Table exhibition


Why should porcelain always have to be pure white? The familiar tea and coffee stains left on tables by cups and saucers formed the inspiration for Golden Dirt: a tea set as an ode to imperfection. Screen-printed and burnt into the porcelain, the golden stains change the concept of ‘dirt’, upgrading it to something that is ‘valuable’ and ‘unique’. Golden Dirt reveals the beauty of everyday stains.

Client: EKWC (European Ceramics Work Centre) / Mosa
Year: 2000
Material: Porcelain, gold transfers
Production: Mosa porcelain Maastricht, USUALS
Permanent collection: MMKA Arnhem, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Project number: 00.006, 12.007UTS
Golden Dirt is on sale via USUALS