Bloom my Buddy

Campaign for the Flower Council of Holland

A vase actually does little more than supply flowers with water. Place flowers in a Buddy however, and a budding personality emerges. Dude, Edward, Suzy, Radja, Boris, Danny or Dolly: they all spring to life while the flowers are arranged. Will it be a boy or a girl? Haute couture or nice and casual? Inside the head and body is a water reservoir, preventing the hair, face and clothing from wilting. In addition to the standard format of 45 centimetres in height, giant Buddies measuring 1.20 metres high travelled the world in various flower costumes.


Year: 2008
Material: polyester (big Buddy), polyethylene (small Buddy)
Measurements: 120 cm, 45 cm
Project number: 08.003-004
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